Safely and efficiently migrate images, reports, and sensitive patient data from any legacy PACS environment to your next-generation system or to the cloud. we manage the end-to-end process from connectivity and configuration through data assessment, exchange, and validation. This includes data cleansing, along with seamless data integration between enterprise systems, such as HL7/ADT messages to EMR/PACS/VNA.

Seamless Migration Solution

DICOMATICS Specialized expertise, best practices and proven methodology has assisted many organizations migrate their legacy PACS systems successfully.

Our dedicated PACS migration team offers highly customized data extraction and migration services based on project needs.We do all the heavy lifting to successfully meet your go-live date while you continue to focus on patient care.

DICOMATICS Advantages:

  • Tailored solution
  • RAPID fast migration
  • Routing and Prefetching of studies (base on HL7 orders or WL)
  • Auto-Stop of migration (reduce risk of production system)
  • Data cleansing algorithms (reduce manual cleansing)
  • Online monitor and control migration progress (web + iOS app)
  • Migration of DICOM, Reports, Non-DICOM Objects
  • Cost effective pricing
  • Industry experts


Control and Monitor

DICOMATICS Migration engine put you in control with online dashboard and mobile app access to monitor and control the migration.

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing & quality is our expertise during the migration process we will perform normalization, deduplication and reconciliation of the data. Patient and study data will be corrected automatically, data edits will be applied to the DICOM tags to ensure integrity and data quality in the new system.

Data Validation

Data validation is done on each step, when extracting data from the source system and when storing data to the destination system,we are comparing and validating that each study and its relevant objects exists. Validation reports is generated and shared with the customer for full transparency and confidence. Missing studies will be extracted again, failed or missing studies will be documented and troubleshooting process will take place until final validation.

  • Non DICOM to DICOM
  • DICOM Encapsulation
  • Format Coversion

Vendor Agnostic Migration

Use Cases:

  • PACS to PACS (any vendor)
  • PACS to VNA
  • PACS to Cloud
  • PACS Consolidation
  • VNA to VNA
  • Optical Media to PACS

What’s Included

  • Project Management
  • Physical or VM server
  • Source System Data Assessment
  • Data and DICOM Experts
  • Online ProgressDashboard/Reports
  • Pre-Fetching/Routing of studies
  • Throttling/Scheduling control
  • Data Cleansing and DICOM Tag Morphing
  • Automatic RIS/HIS Reconciliation
    Intuitive web interface (no more excel files)
  • Weekly Progress Reports
  • Data Validation

Project Phases


  • Free data assessment
  • Scope of work document
  • Create a project plan
  • Kick off call with stakeholders

Project Execution

  • Migration setup phase
  • Data Discovery and Analysis
    Project adjustments if needed, after reviewing data analysis
  • Data Exchange, which will be updated with weekly emails
  • Kick off call with stakeholders
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Validation and Data Recovery, if needed for your project


  • Presentation of the final results report for
    you and your staff
  • PHI Data destruction from the migration
  • Project completion signoff

Migration Methods

DICOMATICS specialized with RAPID extraction of DICOM/Non-DICOM data by accessing the source system archive systems,and directly from optical media at customer facility.

Our best practice and experience will make sure the migration speed is optimized for the safety and performance of the systems by selecting the right method for the project.

DICOMATIC Specialized With:

– DICOM Query and Retrieve

Traditional method to pull studies using DICOM query and retrieve interface.

– Archive Direct

Advance method of accessing the source archive using our proven knowledge and technology to achieve faster transfer rates.

– Media Direct

Media recovery services to ingest data off optical/magnetic media.

Strategic Data Management Partner

DICOMATICS is a medical informatics company that provide comprehensive data management solutions enabling our customers access to accurate, secure and integrated patient data.

Seamless, cost-effective, and stress-free

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