Which type of system you have experience with?

Dicomatics have experience with many PACS systems and RIS systems, Radiology, Cardiology or other ‘ology’s systems are supported by us. Our advance migration toolsets and expert team is dedicating for you migration project success. 

What type of data can DICOMATICS migrate?

Dicomatics specialized with medical imaging data, DICOM images or other non-DICOM object or non DICOM format, HL7 reports or reports that stored as text/pdf format.
We can convert files to support your new system, contact our experts to learn more. 

How long does data migration project take?

There are many factors that determine project duration hardware, network, volume, complexity, data format and quality to list a few, However after a quick data assessment that we offer at no cost we can predict the speed and duration of a given system. We have design our tools to handle massive amounts of data and have different methods to achieve your goals. Contact us to learn more.

Can you migrate data stored on DVD’s?

Absolutely, Dicomatics can assist with migration from almost any type or condition of your source system, as well as support different media types such as: CD/DVD/Tapes/MOD’s.  

What other services do you offer?

Dicomatics offer comprehensive data management solutions that enable our customers access to accurate, secure and integrated patient data. Data cleansing and enrichment, data quality assurance, reducing duplicate records, data anonymization and de-identification, consulting and custom solutions, think of us as a swiss army knife for your medical data. 

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